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Online Personal 


      Courtney specializes in functional movement and strength training, which means her top priority is to improve a client's quality of movement. By focusing first on improving the function of joints and muscles, the body establishes new healthy movement 

patterns.  These new patterns not only help to eliminate movement pain, they also provide the proper support and stabilization a client needs to safely reach their health and fitness goals. Functional training is an effective workout style for clients looking to improve overall movement quality, gain functional strength and create lasting sustainable change. All fitness goals start with a healthy moving body! 

      Having the undivided attention of an expert allows every session to be tailored specifically to your needs and ensures you are working towards your fitness goals in a safe and healthy way, even if it is done virtually from your home. Online personal training is now considered a new normal and Courtney is happy to work with clients who prefer to workout in the safety of there own home. Working one on one will help you establish your goals and set a plan in motion to get you there. Following a personalized program designed just for you, she will provide you with guidance and support during workouts, and empower you to manage your movement health every single day.  

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