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Meet Courtney


     Courtney grew up a competitive dancer and gymnast. Her love for movement and fitness was undeniable from a very young age. She danced professionally in the United States for several years, and then returned to Ottawa to finish her university degree and graduated from Carleton University in 2011. After teaching group fitness for several years during and after university, Courtney 

decided to take her fitness training to the next level and became a certified personal trainer in 2013.

    Over the past 6 years, Courtney has enjoyed being able to help individuals on a more personal level. She has worked with a wide range of clients, all with different physical needs and goals. Over this time, she has been able to narrow her focus and now specializes in functional strength and therapeutic movement. In 2017 Courtney developed a serious hip injury and underwent major surgery in November 2018. She has since made a full recovery and as a result of her personal experience with injury rehabilitation, Courtney has become an expert in helping others with similar issues. She has recently launched a lower body rehabilitation class specifically designed to help individuals  recover from lower body injuries and surgeries.

     Courtney has accumulated over ten fitness and movement related certifications, learning from the best in the industry. She has completed multiple yoga teacher trainings, including a 200-hour Therapeutic Movement Teacher Training, as well as an 85-hour Pre and Post-Natal Training.  She always strives to empower people with knowledge and provide the support they need to improve their quality of life. Courtney is a warm, friendly, passionate person that genuinely enjoys helping people from all walks of life, meet their fitness goals and improve their movement quality.

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