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      Lower Body Rehabilitation Training is a branch of personal training unique to CKStrong. It is designed specifically to help individuals who are dealing with lower body (knee and hip) joint injuries. Weather you are struggling with stability, balance or joint pain; or are preparing for, or recovering from hip or knee surgery. The Stability and Rehabilitation classes are designed specifically to help you increase lower body stability and recover from lower body joint injury.

      Courtney has developed an expertise in helping clients recovery quickly and sustainably from lower body joint injury. She has had personal experience with hip surgery recovery and coaches her clients on the importance of proper exercise progression and consistency to build back joint support and stability. This class encourages people who are recovering from such injuries as labrum and ligament tears; and surgerys like PAO's, hip replacements and knee repairs to come and take part in a guided hour of rehabilitation exercise. It is a great opportunity to stay committed to your prescribed rehabilitation exercises and receive expert guidance and support throughout the weeks and months of recovery. 

HIP REHAB 60 minutes - Thursdays 5pm 

STABILITY CLASS 60 minutes - Saturdays - 10am

 -     $25.00/class - flat rate

-      $160.00 - 8 class pack 

* For more information or to register please use the CONTACT link below. 


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